Tammi Terrel - Irresistible - Limited...
Tammi Terrel - Irresistible - Limited...
Tammi Terrel - Irresistible - Limited Edition 180 Gram Yellow LP (RSD Black Friday 2021)
Tammi Terrel - Irresistible - Limited Edition 180 Gram Yellow LP (RSD Black Friday 2021)

Tammi Terrel - Irresistible - Limited Edition 180 Gram Yellow LP (RSD Black Friday 2021)


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Elemental Music proudly reissues in Collaboration with Motown the first and only solo album by Tammi Terrell, released before her premature death at the age of 24. Known for her popular duets with Marvin Gaye, Terrell scored seven Top 40 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, including the legendary Ashford & Simpson 1966 song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough". The Irresistible Tammi Terrell is one of the greatest and most undervalued Motown albums from the 1960s. Tammi sings lead vocals accompanied by The Andantes and The Spinners, with The Funk Brothers providing the instrumental background. Included are her hits “Come On and See Me” and “I Can’t Believe You Love Me,” as well as two tracks that were later dubbed by Marvin Gaye in order to create vocal duets. “Tammi couldn’t be controlled by men. That can drive a man crazy – trying to deal with a woman who won’t be dominated by anyone. I loved that about Tammi.” – Marvin Gaye "In a short time, Tammi Terrell has grown from tantalizing to irresistible. Tammi’s sweet soul replies to Marvin Gaye are the sung celebrations of love’s optimism. On her own, Tammi asks her man to “Come On And See Me,” inviting all gents to answer and all girls to echo the invitation. Tammi knows that “1” is a very lonely number, and that sharing her sorrow in song with you, the listener, is all the company she asks for. And when there is luck and joy to be shared, Tammi multiplies it musically with happy soul talk. The soul purr ‘n soul power, Tammi’s way with words, in and out of music—is always music. And her performance on record is as popular and persuasive as Tammi, in person. Which is to say, it’s hard to resist the irresistible Tammi Terrell." - Ed Ochs (Billboards).


Side 1

1. I Can't Believe You Love Me
2. That's What Boys Are Made For
3. Come On And See Me
4. What A Good Man He Is
5. Tears At The End Of A Love Affair
6. This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)

Side 2

7. He's The One I Love
8. Can't Stop Now (Love Is Calling)
9. Just Too Much To Hope For
10. Hold Me Oh My Darling
11. I Can't Go On Without You

Tammi Terrell - Vocals
Instrumentals - The Andantes, The Spinners, and The Funk Brothers


Originally released in 1968 on Motown Records.

Manufactured by Anagram Music.

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