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David Ruffin - My Whole World Ended - Mini-LP Papersleeve CD Replica

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Mini-LP Papersleeve CD Replica

This Elemental Music reissue presents the solo debut album for former Temptations’ lead singer David Ruffin. It was originally released by Motown Records in May of 1969. After leaving The Temptations, Ruffin was still considered a key component of the Motown family, and on this album he was afforded support by the best and brightest figures the label had to offer, working with top-notch hit making producers Harvey Fuqua, Johnny Bristol, Paul Riser, and Ivory Joe Hunter. “My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me)” was supposed to be a Temptations record. Instead, it became Ruffin’s first solo single. The song was written by Johnny Bristol, Harvey Fuqua, Pam Sawyer, and James Roach, with Bristol and Fuqua producing the record. Background vocals were by The Originals, who would have a hit of their own with “The Bells” the following year. The backing band were the essential Motown in-house rhythm makers, The Funk Brothers. “My Whole World Ended” was an auspicious debut, as it reached #2 on the Billboard R&B Singles chart, #9 on the Billboard Hot 100, and paved the way to the release of the album, which reached #1 on the Billboard R&B Albums chart. Without a doubt, the song “My Whole World Ended” is more emotional and raw than the smooth soul sound of Ruffin’s former group. Musically, it stands as one of the most varied songs in the entire Motown catalog.


1. My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) 3:32 (Harvey Fuqua, James Roach, Johnny Bristol, Pam Sawyer)
2. Pieces of a Man 2:51 (Johnny Bristol, Pam Sawyer)
3. Somebody Stole My Dream 3:09 (Henry Cosby, Joe Hinton, Pam Sawyer)
4. I’ve Lost Everything I’ve Ever Loved 3:00 (Johnny Bristol, Thomas Kemp)
5. Everlasting Love 3:02 (Buzz Cason, Mac Gayden)
6. I’ve Got to Find Myself a Brand New Baby 2:58 (Harvey Fuqua, Johnny Bristol, Marv Johnson, Suzanne DePasse)
7. The Double Cross 3:09 (Allen Story, George “Horgay” Gordy)
8. Message from Maria 4:32 (Al Reed)
9. World of Darkness 4:27 (Harvey Fuqua, Thomas Kemp)
10. We’ll Have a Good Thing Going On 2:38 (Allen Story, George “Horgay” Gordy)
11. My Love Is Growing Stronger 2:44 (Johnny Bristol, Marv Johnson)
12. Flower Child 2:45 (Doris McNeil, Johnny Bristol)

Personnel and credits:

David Ruffin: lead vocals & piano The Originals: Freddie Gorman, Walter Gaines, Hank Dixon & C. P. Spence (background vocals) Rhythm by The Funk Brothers Female backing vocals: probably by The Andantes Produced by Harvey Fuqua & Johnny Bristol (track 1), Johnny Bristol (tracks 2, 4, 6, 11 & 12), Henry Cosby (track 3), Ivy Jo Hunter (tracks 5 & 8), George Gordy (tracks 7 & 10), and Harvey Fuqua (track 9). Arranged by Wade Marcus (track 4) & Paul Riser (track 10). Other details unknown. Recorded at Hitsville U.S.A. (Studio A), Detroit, Michigan, with horns and strings overdubbed at Golden World (Studio B), Detroit, Michigan, from July 1968 through the first week of April 1969. “Everlasting Love” was first tracked for the Four Tops in early February 1968; they did not record vocals and the tune was re-assigned to Ruffin and overdubbed by him in March 1969. Issued as Motown MS685 on May 1969, peaking at #1 on the R&B chart during 2 weeks, and at #31 on the Pop chart.

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