Solomon Burke – Music to Make Love By – Mini-LP Papersleeve Replica CD

Solomon Burke – Music to Make Love By – Mini-LP Papersleeve Replica CD

This Elemental Music release presents one of the two only albums that Solomon Burke released on the Chicago label Chess Records between 1975 & 1976: the underrated masterpiece Music to Make Love By.

This is an incredible record – a real standout in Solomon’s career. It features the genius of “King Solomon” working with arrangements that are smooth, mellow, and sexy – very much in the Barry White and Isaac Hayes mode, a style that’s a perfect fit for Solomon’s voice, which was warm and deep back when White and Hayes were just kids! Gene Page (who also used to work with Barry White) helped Solomon with some of the arrangements. Solomon Burke said soul music is “life itself, the very blood running through your veins, and it’s your heartbeat”. It is this very sentiment that runs through the entire album. Among the highlights are the essential “Everlasting Love”, “Music To Make Love By”, “Midnight & You”, “You & Your Baby Blues”, and “Let Me Wrap My Arms Around You”.


1. MUSIC TO MAKE LOVE BY (Part 1) (Solomon Burke) 2:35
2. LET ME WRAP MY ARMS AROUND YOU (Solomon Burke) 4:02
3. COME RAIN OR COME SHINE (Johnny Mercer-Harold Arlen) 3:30
4. YOU AND YOUR BABY BLUES (Solomon Burke-Jerry Styner) 5:49
5. ALL THE WAY (Sammy Cahn-Jimmy Van Heusen) 4:29
6. THANKS, I NEEDED THAT (Solomon Burke) 4:08
7. EVERLASTING LOVE (Solomon Burke) 4:11
8. MIDNIGHT AND YOU (Billy Page-Gene Page) 4:01
9. MUSIC TO MAKE LOVE BY (Part 2) (Solomon Burke) 2:27

Produced by Solomon Burke/Jerry Styner and the TKI Staff: Don Thompson,
Wade Collins, “Red Beard” Rush.

Executive Engineer –Jerry Styner
Produced at Sunwest Recording, Gold Star Recording and The Sound Factory Recording Studios
Arrangements by Jerry Styner and Gene Page
Rhythm tracks designed by Gene Page and Solomon Burke/Horns and strings designed by Jerry Styner and Solomon Burke
Spiritual Consultants: K.S.H.S. Burke, Q.S.V. Burke, Josephine Burke
Sleeve Front – Photograph: Paul Anthony/Original Design: Clare Osborn