Ramsey Lewis – Mother Nature’s Son – Mini-LP Papersleeve CD Replica

Ramsey Lewis – Mother Nature’s Son – Mini-LP Papersleeve CD Replica

Mother Nature’s Son was released by Cadet Records in 1968. The album was produced by Charles Stepney and consists of ten instrumental songs which were originally recorded by The Beatles, on their White Album. The album cover was designed by Jerry Griffith. The Lp was recorded at Ter Mar Studio, Chicago, in December, 1968, only a short time after the 22 November 1968 release of The Beatles’ album. It was recorded live with members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with Lewis on piano. Offering a potential clue as to why Lewis had recorded an album of Beatles songs, producer and arranger Charles Stepney expressed his admiration for the sounds achieved by Beatles’ producer George Martin in a 1970 interview with Down Beat. Ramsey Lewis himself said in Mojo magazine, “I wasn’t a Beatles fan. I had recorded ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, ‘Day Tripper’ and ‘And I Love Her’ before, but I didn’t really get them. But my producer Charles Stepney told me to think about doing a Beatles covers album. I didn’t think that they had enough songs to do an entire album but he gave me a copy of the White Album and told me to listen. I did, but couldn’t see how I could do anything with it. He was like ‘You didn’t really listen.’ So he arranged a few songs for me and then it was, I get it now.” In the Down Beat interview Stepney said that he produced the “electronic texture” effect on the album using the Moog synthesizer. The following year the Beatles themselves used the Moog synthesizer extensively in the recording of Abbey Road.


01. Mother Nature’s Son (4:54)
02. Rocky Raccoon (2:38)
03. Julia (4:19)
04. Back in the USSR (3:15)
05. Dear Prudence (4:54)
06. Cry Baby Cry (3:50)
07. Good Night (5:54)
08. Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me
and My Monkey (3:13)
09. Sexy Sadie (2:44)
10. Black Bird (4:31)

All tunes written by Lennon & McCartney Recorded at Ter
Mar Studios, Chicago, December 1968.

Engineered y Ron Malo.

Produced by Charles Stepney.