Martha & The Vandellas – Dance Party (RSDBF)

Martha & The Vandellas – Dance Party (RSDBF)

Out November 25, 2022 for RSD Black Friday 2022 


Reissued for the 62nd anniversary of Motown Records. Fourth studio album and fifth album overall by Martha and the Vandellas, led by Martha Reeves, one of the most unfairly underrated female soul singers ever. Includes the top 10 hit singles, “I’m Ready for Love” and “Jimmy Mack”, as well as the ballad “What Am I Gonna Do Without Your Love?” Recorded in 1966 by a cross-section of Motown’s leading producers, including Holland/Dozier/Holland, William “Smokey” Robinson and William “Mickey” Stevenson.

“Talent, soul, ability, hard work, and that mysterious something; very special items which are always in abundance when Martha Reeves, Rosalind Ashford and Betty Kelley, the girls who make up the explosive “MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS” get set to make you dance. Martha, who was once a secretary at Motown Record Corporation (and one of the best, I’m told), was given an audition and from that time on their dreams, wishes, hopes and successes have come true. Martha and her singin’, swingin’, dancin’ partners have come from this “fairy tale” start to the top so fast, so sure, it makes one’s head swim. They have been touched with the “magic” that makes them one of the most dynamic, energetic and wildly enthusiastically received vocal groups both here on their home grounds as well as in Europe. The package they’ve come up with is sure to excite their overwhelming flock ‘a fans. Included are such chart toppers as “Mickey’s Monkey” and “Hitch Hike” coupled with their own renown renditions of “Dancing In The Street”, “Nowhere To Run” and “Wild One” plus many more. I’m sure you’ll sense the excitement, swing with the beat, and literally come alive as you listen to the volcanic Vandellas. You may become slightly bewitched, a bit light-headed, have some feeling of floating in space but don’t let it bother you—it’s somewhat common—just a wee bit of the “star” dust rubbing off and coming through. Keep them coming—Keep us dancing—Martha, Rosalind and Betty! You’re up there where all of us want you, and we know you’re there to stay. Thanks for this hit-loaded bundle and give us more… many more” — BETTE OCHA

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1. Dancing In The Street
2. Dancing Slow
3. Wild One
4. Nowhere To Run
5. Nobody’ll Care
6. There He Is At My Door

1. Mobile Lil The Dancing Witch
2. Dance Party
3. Motoring
4. The Jerk
5. Mickeys Monkey
6. Hitch Hike


Martha Reeves, Rosalind Ashford, Betty Kelley -vocals
Annette Beard, Mickey Stevenson, Ivy Jo Hunter -backing vocals
Instrumentation: The Funk Brothers (including James Jamerson -bass; Marvin Gaye, Benny Benjamin, drums; Earl Van Dyke -piano; Jack Ashford -tambourine; Joe Messina, Eddie Willis, Robert White -guitar; Russ Conway, Herbert Williams -trumpet; George Bohanon, Paul Riser -trombone; Henry Cosby -tenor sax; Thomas “Beans” Bowles, Mike Terry -baritone sax).

Produced by Stevenson & Hunter
Produced for release by Jordi Soley
Originally released in 1965 on GLP-915 © 2022 UMG Recordings, Inc. Courtesy of Motown Records
Manufactured by Anagram Music. Made in the U.S.A.
Licensed for USA and Canada.