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Kevin Ayers - Whatevershebringswesing - Mini-LP Papersleeve CD Replica

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Mini-LP Papersleeve CD Replica

Elemental Music presents this newly digitally remas­tered special Mini-LP paper sleeve reissue of Kevin Ayers 1971 LP Whatevershebringswesing. This album was Ayers' third solo album and was released three years after he left Soft Machine in 1968. Although not as popular or prolific as his former SM mate Robert Wyatt, Ayers' musical output has kept him a perennial favorite of prog and art rock fans for four decades. Our edition includes three bonus tracks: "Stars", "Don't Sing No More Sad Songs" and "Fake Mexican Tourist Blues". Kevin Ayers, who has been described as an English ec­centric, a supreme musical raconteur, a quirky innova­tor whose inspiration was derived from fine food and wine, sunshine and the Mediterranean Sea, was one of the finest musical talents to emerge in Britain in the mayhem and madness of the late sixties. He is also a musician who continues to command a large and dedi­cated audience throughout the world. By 1971, Kevin Ayers' star was firmly on the ascendant. He had already a distinguished musical pedigree, having been a found­ing member of the highly influential Soft Machine, along with Daevid Allen, Robert Wyatt, and Mike Ratledge. Whatevershebringswesing was recorded in 1971 and released 1972 by Emi/Harvest, and it became his most acclaimed work. He was joined at the recording ses­sions (which took place at Studio 2, Abbey Road) by members of Daevid Allen's French act (Gong) and by his previous backing band, The Whole World, as well as by eminences like David Bedford, Robert Wyatt, and a young Mike Oldfield. Praised by NME, Record Mirror and Rolling Stone, this album realized all the musical aspirations Ayers had harboured since the inception of Soft Machine.


1. There Is Loving / Among Us / There Is Loving 7:22
2. Margaret 3:20
3. Oh My 2:59
4. Song from the Bottom of a Well 4:37
5. Whatevershebringswesing 8:13
6. Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes 3:24
7. Champagne Cowboy Blues 3:56
8. Lullaby 2:14
9. Stars 3:32 *
10. Don't Sing No More Sad Songs 3:46 *
11. Fake Mexican Tourist Blues 4:38 *

ERLP 2004
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