Important Notice – April 1rst releases delayed

Important Notice – April 1rst releases delayed

We regret to announce that due to factory problems and delays, these three titles are suspended for now.

We will inform you as soon as possible! Stay tuned!


Bill Evans Trio “At The Montreux Jazz Festival”–  (Limited 180 Gr. LP Gatefold)


One of Bill Evans’ best live albums, on At the Montreux Jazz Festival the legendary pianist plays in a more experimental and extroverted way than ever. He is backed by drummer Jack DeJohnette, who had just joined the trio and would gain great renown in later years due to his three-decade work as a member of Keith Jarrett’s Standards Trio. Evans’ longtime bassist Eddie Gomez is also extensively featured on this iconic and immortal set. A year after its recording, this album won the Grammy for Best Jazz Instrumental Album (1969)!

Chuck Berry – “Concerto In B Goode” (180 Gr. Limited edition)


Chuck Berry’s last record for Mercury, Concerto in B Goode, released in the summer of 1969, was a successful attempt to merge blues, rock ‘n roll, and psychedelia. Produced by Berry himself, the title-track (which refers to Berry’s semi-autobiographical song “Johnny B. Goode”) is an extraordinary 18-minute workout in which Berry rocks and rolls through just about every guitar lick he knows, backed by organ (Billy Peek), bass (Kermit Eugene Cooley), and drums (Dale Gischer). The album also includes the slow blues “My Woman,” which was inspired by Little Walter’s “Last Night.”

Grand Funk Railroad – On Time (180 Gr. Limited edition)


The electrifying debut album by one of the biggest American bands from the first half of the 1970s. Full of exciting hard rock in the bold style created by Cream, it was awarded a Gold Record in 1978, and is a pioneering album in the development of heavy metal.