Herb Ellis & Joe Pass – Seven, Come Eleven – Limited Edition 180 Gram LP

Herb Ellis & Joe Pass – Seven, Come Eleven – Limited Edition 180 Gram LP

The Ellis-Pass duo, with rather few appearances in its unfortunately short career, usually began with Ellis on lead, Pass on rhythm, then (after a number of choruses) things were switched, with Pass on top. Usually, particularly when it was a sensationally “up” evening (as was that July night) the two then shed Brown and Hanna for a number of rounds of free-swinging guitar sparring. The signal of the end of the unaccompanied duet strain and the beginning of the ride-out choruses is always Ray’s resonant bass.
“‘Seven Come Eleven’, right now,” says Herb –and off he goes. From there on, it’s up to you. For me, the experience is not only still great listening –after dozens of times – but it also is a distinct reminder of the spine-tingling that I felt when I was there in the front row watching it all happen.
Besides all the rest of the obvious great stuff on this one track, note Herb’s playing on the bass line during the unaccompanied duet stanza; and, if you can, follow Jake and Ray as they pay the greatest respect that accompanists can give to a pair of front-line soloists –they stay in the background. They speak only when spoken to, and they make the unit on stage a real quartet, not just “Herb, Joe and a couple of other guys.”
Says Herb –“The name of that tune was ‘Seven Come Eleven.’” Answers Joe –“No, the name of that tune is ‘Fast.’”


01. In A Mellow Tone
02. Seven Come Eleven
03. Prelude To A Kiss Duke
04. Perdido


05. I’m Confessin’
06. Easy Living
07. Concord Blues

HERB ELLIS, guitar
JOE PASS, guitar

Live at Concord Boulevard Park, Concord, California, July 29, 1973