Forthcoming titles for September 2nd!!

Forthcoming titles for September 2nd!!

Two new reissues coming on September 2nd!

IKE & TINA TURNER – River Deep –  Mountain High (Limited edition 180gr virgin vinyl)


Reissue of the legendary Ike & Tina album, consisting of six tracks produced by the studio wizard Phil Spector using his famous wall of sound technique.  This was easily the most complex and nuanced of Spector’s famous “wall of sound” productions, an album that’s an essential part of any comprehensive 60s music collection. Due to Spector’s perfectionism, he made Turner sing ‘River Deep’ over and over for several hours until he felt he had the perfect vocal take. According to the singer: must have sung that 500,000 times. I was drenched with sweat. I had to take my shirt off and stand there in my bra to sing.”

THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND – At Filmore East (Limited 2-LP Gatefold Edition)


The first live album by the main architects of Southern Rock, The Allman Brothers Band, and their third release overall, this was the band’s artistic and commercial breakthrough and has been considered by some critics as one of the greatest live albums ever in rock music. Recorded over the course of three nights in March 1971, it features the band performing extended jam versions of songs such as “Whipping Post”, You Don’t Love Me”, and “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”, the latter a complex and melodic instrumental that stretches past the 13-minute mark.