Elkin & Nelson – Ángeles y Demonios – 6-Panel Digipack CD

Elkin & Nelson – Ángeles y Demonios – 6-Panel Digipack CD

First official CD reissue of this essential Balearic/cosmic album by Elkin & Nelson. The Colombian brothers settled in Spain in the ‘70s and recorded two albums for the CBS label. Ángeles y Demonios is the perfect blend of traditional Latin music, psychedelia, fuzz, glam, ethnic rhythms, progressive rock leanings and a bit of flamenco fusion. It contains the monster track “Jíbaro (Enrolle),” which was coveted by a wide variety of international DJ’s over the years, including Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, and Dj Harvey, among others.


1. ABRAN PASO-AHOA (enrolle) (D. A. R.) 7:26
2. AY, MULATA MÍA (D. A. R.) 0:25
3. MAMA HIGH, MAMA WAY (D. A. R.) 1:56
4. JÍBARO (aperitivo) (D. A. R.) 3:26

5. SIMÓN (Elkin Marín Vélez-J. Galvao) 3:24
6. CUANDO LLEGARÉ (A. Fernández) 4:11
7. ANACAONA (Cheo Feliciano) 2:56
8. TEMA DE AMOR (Elkin Marín Vélez-J. Galvao) 3:28

9. EL MANIQUÍ (Sandro-Armil) 2:51
10. AIN’T NO SUNSHINE (D. A. R.) 4:51
11. ROSA ROSA (Sandro-Óscar Anderle) 2:03
12. MARCHA FINAL (Elkin Marín Vélez) 4:54

13. JÍBARO (enrolle) (D. A. R.) 7:29
14. ABRAN PASO (aperitivo) 2:06
15. TÚMBALO (D. A. R.) 0:28
16. LOS INVITAMOS (D. A. R.) 3:51

17. SAMBA SAMBA (Nelson Marín Vélez) 7:54
18. A CABALLO (D. A. R.) 6:07
19. VÁMONOS (Elkin & Nelson Marín Vélez) 9:14

Total Time: 79:10

Percussion: Pepe Ébano
Drums: Alberto Gómez
Guitars: José María Senabre & Elkin & Nelson
Bass: Jorge Esteva & Iñaki Egaña
Background vocals: Los Amigachos del whisky
Keyboards and arrangements: Eduardo Leiva
Recorded at Estudios Kirios & RCA Studios, Madrid in 1974 (tracks 1-16), and 1973 (tracks 17-19).
Produced by Juan Pardo.