Elis Regina – Elis – Limited Edition 180 Gram LP

Elis Regina – Elis – Limited Edition 180 Gram LP

Elemental Music, together with Universal Music Spain, is proud to present a new LP reissue of the long unavailable 1966 album by one of Brazil’s greatest singers: ELIS REGINA. Three remarkable characteristics stand out here: Elis’ masterful singing, her intelligence in choosing the best musicians and arrangers, and her taste with respect to the outstanding material she interprets. ELIS is her second studio album recorded for Philips/Polygram Records, and captures Regina at a prime early stage in her career – when her voice was raw and filled with emotion, backed by some excellent arrangements that blended jazz, bossa, and more complicated vocal settings. The repertory includes songs by some of Brazil’s best composers, including “Canção do Sal” by Milton Nascimento, “Sonho de Maria” by Marcos Valle, “Tem Mais Samba” by Chico Buarque, “Lunik 9” and “Roda” by Gilberto Gil, “Pra Dizer Adeus” by Edu Lobo, and “Boa Palavra” by Caetano Veloso.



01. RODA – 2:37 (Gilberto Gil-João Augusto)
02. SAMBA EM PAZ – 1:58 (Caetano Veloso)
03. PRA DIZER ADEUS – 3:47 (Edu Lobo-Torquato Neto)
04. ESTATUINHA – 2:28 (Edu Lobo-Gianfrancesco Guarnieri)
05- VELEIRO – 3:10 (Edu Lobo-Torquato Neto)
06. BOA PALAVRA – 4:31 (Caetano Veloso)


01. LUNIK 9 – 3:13 (Gilberto Gil)
02. TEM MAIS SAMBA – 2:27 (Chico Buarque de Hollanda)
03. SONHO DE MARIA – 3:22 (Marcos Valle-Paulo Sérgio Valle)
04. TEREZA SABE SAMBAR – 3:29 (Francis Hime-Vinícius de Moraes)
05. CARINHOSO – 4:00 (Pixinguinha-João de Barro)
06. CANÇÃO DO SAL – 2:55 (Milton Nascimento)

Arranged by Francisco Moraes.
Produced by Luiz Mocarzel.