Barney Wilen’s “French Ballads”, awarded with CHOC by Jazzmagazine

Elemental Music proudly announces that Barney Wilen’s French Ballads has just been awarded a CHOC, the highest review punctuation on the prestigious Paris’ Jazz Magazine.

Following the unexpected success of his comeback album La Note Bleue, iconic French saxophonist Barney Wilen embarked right away on his following project, an album consisting of jazz versions of wonderful French chansons. According to Philippe Vincent: “Barely three months after the release of La Note Bleue, I thought that he was going fast, but he was not completely wrong to want to strike while the iron was hot. In addition, it is true that many musicians quickly turn to their next project as soon as the previous one has emerged. His idea was to devote a recording to a repertoire of French melodies, and I was immediately seduced by this proposition, as his playing style and his saxophone phrasing could approach singing.” The new album constituted another success and is, because of its repertoire and approach, quite unique work in the whole story of jazz. Both the LP and the CD editions contain specially prepared liner notes by famed jazz writer ASHLEY KHAN, bassist RICCARDO DEL FRA, drummer SANGOMA EVERETT & associate producer PATRICK WILEN.