Barney Wilen & Tete Montoliu “Grenoble ’88” awarded with CHOC by Jazzmagazine

Elemental Music proudly presents a previously unissued concert by the Barney Wilen Quartet featuring the Spanish jazz legend Tete Montoliu, live at the Grenoble Jazz Festival, February 12, 1988. This marvelous performance has just been awarded with a CHOC, the highest punctuation on the prestigious Paris’ Jazz Magazine. Both the LP and the CD editions contain specially prepared liner notes by famed jazz writer ASHLEY KHAN, RICCARDO DEL FRA & PATRICK WILEN.

Making musical history is rarely a conscious act; certainly not in jazz. One can imagine the four making their way back to their hotel that evening, thinking of anything but the concert they had just performed, maybe meeting for a nightcap in the lobby bar and then departing separately in the morning for their next gigs. Maybe Wilen and Montoliu said there final goodbyes at breakfast that morning.Ashley Kahn, August 2020