Barney Wilen & Alain Jean-Marie “Montréal Duets” awarded with CHOC by Jazzmagazine

Saxophonist Barney Wilen and pianist Alain Jean-Marie‘s magic when playing together is aparent from the very first notes of this wonderful concert, recorded live at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, in Canada, on July 4, 1993, and presented here for the first time ever by Elemental Music. This marvelous performance, which has just been awarded with a CHOC, the highest punctuation on the prestigious Paris’ Jazz Magazine, includes outstanding readings of John Lewis’ “Skating on Central Park”, Thelonious Monk’s “‘Round Midnight”, and Rodgers & Hart’s “My Funny Valentine”, among many other highlights. Both the LP and the CD editions contain specially prepared liner notes by famed jazz writers Pascal Anquetil (Jazz Magazine) and Brian Morton (Penguin Guide to Jazz)

“The alchemy of a duo cannot be decreed. It can be verified by the heat of this exchange. The Montreal concert is living proof. With these two musicians, jazz is not a matter of tempo or repertoire, of structures or the number of notes played in each bar. It is above all a matter of breathing, of the punctuation of each phrase, of the courtesy toward silence, a matter of music itself.” Pascal Anquetil (December 2019)

“Wilen’s preferred piano partner, for much of his later career, was the Martinique-born Alain Jean-Marie. He appears on both La Note Bleue and Wild Dogs of the Ruwenzori, but the duo’s Montréal appearance in 1993 is a nice way to study their chemistry at some length.” Brian Morton (December 2019)