B.B. King – Lucille Talks Back – Limited Edition 180 Gram LP

B.B. King – Lucille Talks Back – Limited Edition 180 Gram LP

First Ever Vinyl Reissue!

Elemental Music proudly presents the first 180 gram LP reissue of the 1975’s album Lucille Talks Back by B. B. King. Not to be confused with a CD compilation of the same name released in 1988 by MCA, this sensational album was long out of print till now. Lucille Talks Back contains what every real blues fan could expect from B. B. King: a superb group of backing musicians playing at the height of their powers, with the King of the Blues himself front and center, pinging out blue notes from his guitar “Lucille” and singing his heart out. There’s no standout song here, but all of the tracks are solid blues numbers. Recorded in Las Vegas in September 1975, the album was arranged and produced by B.B. himself with Hampton Reese and Eddie Rowe. As a historical footnote, this is one of the few LPs on which the King of the Blues employs a Cry Baby wah wah pedal to modulate the sound of his famous “Lucille”.


01. Lucille Talks Back (Copulation)
02. Breaking Up Somebody’s Home
03. Reconsider Baby
04. Don’t Make Me Pay For His Mistakes


05. When I’m Wrong
06. I Know The Price
07. Have Faith
08. Everybody Lies A Little

Produced by B. B. King
Arranged by Hampton Reese, Eddie Rowe and B. B. King

Rudy Aikels: Bass
Marcus Barnett: Percussion
Joseph Burton: Trombone
Jess Daniels (Houck): Rhythm Guitar
Bobby Forté: Baritone & Tenor Sax
Herbert Hardisty: Trumpet & Tenor Sax
Milton Hopkins: Rhythm Guitar
Ron Levy: Synthesizer & Piano
Eddie Rowe: Flugelhorn & Trumpet
John Starks (Jabo): Drums
James Toney: Organ
Cato Walker III: Alto Sax