Paul Winter & Carlos Lyra – The Sound Of Ipanema – LP

Paul Winter & Carlos Lyra - The Sound Of Ipanema - LP

Paul Winter & Carlos Lyra – The Sound Of Ipanema – LP

Elemental Music presents a newly remastered 180-gram LP reissue of an excellent 1964 jazz-bossa album: Paul Winter and Carlos Lyra’s sensational album The Sound of Ipanema, originally released by the Columbia label.

Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, it features Lyra’s compositions and includes the essential Brazilian combo of that period: Sérgio Mendes (piano), Sebastião Neto (bass), and Milton Banana (drums). Winter was the only American on this album and he fit very well with the bossa spirit because of his lyrical and open-minded musical
sensibility. The album was a smooth and engaging American-Brazilian fusion.

Highlights of this gem are the bossa standards “Aruanda” and “Quem Quiser Encontrar O Amor”, originally composed by Carlos Lyra with Geraldo Vandré. The Sound of Ipanema is a delightfully fresh album, symbol of the golden years of Bossa Nova.



01. VOCÊ E EU (You and I)
02. SE É TARDE ME PERDOA (Forgive Me If I’m Late)
03. MARIA NINGUÉM (Maria Nobody)
04. DE QUEM AMA (For Whom Love)
05. QUEM QUISER ENCONTRAR O AMOR (Whoever Wants to Find Love Must Suffer)


07. COISA MAIS LINDA (The Most Beautiful Thing)
08. O MORRO (The Hill)
09. MAS TAMBÉM QUEM MANDOU? (What Made Me Do It?)
10. TEM DÓ DE MIM (Don’t Make Me Love)
11. LOBO BOBO (The Big Bad Wolf)

Paul Winter, alto saxophone
Carlos Lyra, guitar, vocals
Sergio Mendes, piano
Sebastiao Neto, bass
Milton Banana, drums